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Center for Holocaust Survivors

The "Center for Holocaust Survivors", provided a warm, caring home for survivors in need and survivors who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. It is a place for Holocaust survivors to come on holiday and rest and recover after illness and serves as accommodations for our volunteers. The Center also hosts reconciliation meetings and receives groups from around the world to connect them to the past.

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Home for Survivors

The home was originally created for survivors who are:

1. Alone or without family

2. Without adequate financial resources

3. Were unable to immigrate unless they have a home to come to

The situation with the center has/is adapting because of the increasing age of the Holocaust victims.  

(For updates or changes, please see our Newsletters which you can find on our website here)

This home is in Jerusalem, rented on a long-term lease. The residents who used to live at Ner Yaakov financially contributed as much as they were able. The deficit needed to be covered by donations. Several Holocaust survivors have lived at this ‘warm home’ for some years until later they moved close to family members or received their own flat from the government. Others lived at the home for almost 11 years, together with the volunteers who care for them in daily tasks.

Please enjoy the testimonies of some of the former residents who are no longer with us.

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