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Practical Help


Practical Help for Holocaust Survivors

Ner Ya'akov provides "Practical Help" for the last living witnesses of the Holocaust in their private homes and wherever they need help. The volunteers accompany survivors to Hospital and Doctor appointments, clean their homes, help with their shopping, and love to go to survivors' homes and simply just visit them. Ner Ya'akov also helps with financial assistance when there is a need.

In the whole of this work, it is the desire for reconciliation that should be expressed above all, in what we are doing.



"You send young people to Israel to volunteer.

Here they meet the survivors and see that we are "real" people. 

They speak with us and receive the information from the source,

the terrible truth, and we treat together with the question:

"Why?" All this is so important.

They are in our homes and they do a good job.

Some of these young volunteers already belong to the third generation

after the Holocaust.

I bless them!

May you continue to work together with Israel and

as long as we survivors live,

please send many more volunteers, for our good and our future!"
Sima -

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