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Holiday and Rest






The Holocaust survivors are elderly people with failing health, scarred,

both physically and mentally from deep wounds of the past. 

They need warmth, love, and much attention. 

As the head of the Israeli  Holocaust Association,

it is important for me to say, that the Ner Yaakov house is an important and necessary place,

for the sake of Holocaust survivors-- especially for lonely people,

whether they stay continuously at the home come for medical recovery,

or are guests who come for a holiday.”

“The activity of volunteers from Germany breaks the stigma of the past years about the German people!”
   Gita Kaufman - Chairman of the Association for Holocaust survivors
























“We survivors of the Holocaust were very happy about the time we had at Ner Yaakov.

We were delighted by the attention we received.

It was a great surprise for us to be able to speak here in Yiddish.

We are so thankful that we saw the historical places of Jerusalem.

Through the volunteers,

we learned to love the Holy City Jerusalem and now we say Next year again in Jerusalem! We bless you!”
- Michael and Ida Lewin

recovery after illness.jpg

Recovery after Illness


"At the beginning of this year the deputy chairman of the Holocaust Association,

Dr. Sergei Soushon stayed in the Ner Yaakov home after having open heart surgery and other severe medical problems.

After two months of staying at Ner Yaakov and receiving the dedicated treatment of the team his situation improved and

he was able to go back home. Today, thank God, he is active in our organization again!”

- Gita Kaufman -


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