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Michael Shnitkovsky

Michael Shnitkovsky is a holocaust survivor from Ukraine and has lived in the Ner Yaakov home.

You can read about his story in our newsletter on the website here

"My name is Alexander Kaplan. I was born in 1928 and have survived the ghetto in Minsk. On February 10th, 2004, I immigrated to Israel from St. Petersburg. I was very weak and sick at that time. Since my arrival, I have been living in the Ner Yaakov home and I like it very much. I receive a lot of help and attention. Because of this good care, I was able to go to the doctors and hospitals.  Now  I feel a lot better and I am so thankful to the volunteers. They go shopping for me and get everything I need from the shops or the pharmacy, clean my room and sometimes even cook for me. In the house, there is good unity and we help each other in our lives."- Alexander (Passed Away)

Alexander Kaplan

Raja and Sachar Rotkin

Our names are Raja and Sachar Rotkin. Through an invitation from Inge Buhs, we immigrated on 11 July 2001 from St. Petersburg to Israel.  Ner Yaakov welcomed us like family into their very hospitable house. They take good care of us and do everything to make it comfortable for us. Since our arrival, we have needed a lot of medical treatments. Selflessly the volunteers have taken us to doctor's appointments. I had several operations and so did my husband Sachar. All of them were complicated! If we had remained in St. Petersburg, we would not have survived.  It is impossible to put into words what Ner Yaakov has done for us - and we are thankful from the depths of our hearts. We wish you good health and long life!"
- Raja -

Raja and Sachar Rotkin lived approximately 11 years in the home.  Both passed away in 2012 after a long illness

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