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  • The Center | Neryaakov

    Center for Holocaust Survivors The "Center for Holocaust Survivors" , provided a warm, caring home for survivors in need and survivors who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. It is a place for Holocaust survivors to come on holiday and rest and recover after illness and serves as accommodations for our volunteers. The Center also hosts reconciliation meetings and receives groups from around the world to connect them to the past. - Closed - Home for Survivors The home was originally created for survivors who are: 1. Alone or without family 2. Without adequate financial resources 3. Were unable to immigrate unless they have a home to come to The situation with the center has/is adapting because of the increasing age of the Holocaust victims. (For updates or changes, please see our Newsletters which you can find on our website here) This home is in Jerusalem, rented on a long-term lease. The residents who used to live at Ner Yaakov financially contributed as much as they were able. The deficit needed to be covered by donations. Several Holocaust survivors have lived at this ‘warm home’ for some years until later they moved close to family members or received their own flat from the government. Others lived at the home for almost 11 years, together with the volunteers who care for them in daily tasks. Please enjoy the testimonies of some of the former residents who are no longer with us. Click to read Testimonies

  • Holocaust | Neryaakov

    Ner Ya'akov Ruth 1:16. “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” was given to her by God. Home: 인사 About Us Vision Ner Ya'akov is a non-profitable organization that was founded in Israel with the purpose of caring for Holocaust survivors in every way possible. The organization has a "Center for Holocaust Survivors" , which provides a warm caring home for survivors, a place for survivors to come on holidays and rest and recovery after illness. The Center also hosts reconciliation meetings and receives groups from Israel and around the world to connect them to the past. The organization also provides "Practical Help" for the last living witnesses of the Holocaust in their private homes. Its founding was inspired by the desire of committed German Christians who long to bring comfort to these last living witnesses and humbly express the desire of reconciliation following those awful experiences of the past. ​ Ner Ya'akov was founded with the goal: That it would be a candle of hope and comfort to the Holocaust survivors. In the Memory of Yaakov Thalenberg Bella Steiner, a survivor of Auschwitz, became a good friend to Inge Buhs. As their friendship grew, she shared the story of her grandfather, Yaakov Thalenberg. He was born in Poland in the late 19th century. His home was warm and loving, a place where everybody in need found a welcome reception and solace. Tragically, Yaakov Thalenberg's life ended when he was shot at a mass grave during the Holocaust. He was dearly loved by Bella, whose the greatest comfort was to see Ner Ya'akov named to honor her grandfather. His warm-hearted home was the essence of Inge's vision for a place of comfort for Holocaust survivors. ​ Yaakov Thalenberg Yaakov Thalenberg's house in Poland Background After many years of work in Israel, Inge Buhs saw the need for a home for Holocaust Survivors who were alone or could not hope to immigrate to Israel without having a place to come to. ​ This home has over the past years developed into a 'Center for Holocaust Survivors.' In 1983, Inge was inspired by this Scripture from Ruth 1:16 to come to Israel: ​ "And Ruth said: '...for wherever you will go, I will go; and wherever you will lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God.'" ​ From that time on, the God of Israel has given Inge a deep love for the Jewish people. ​ After taking a course in Germany on caring for senior adults, Inge had her first hands-on experience in a nursing home in Haifa. Later, she was invited to work for a clinic, where she grew close to a precious survivor of Auschwitz, Bella Steiner. ​ As their friendship grew, so did Inge's understanding of the Holocaust and her desire to take an active part in the work of reconciliation between the Jewish people and Christians - especially German Christians. It was 1987 when Inge's work with Holocaust survivors began, taking her to the bedsides of the infirmed and dying, and into the homes and lives of many survivors. ​ After a period of study and practical experience in a hospital, Inge continued to help Holocaust survivors in Israel with housework, cleaning, shopping, and nursing care. ​ She developed close relationships with these precious people, fulfilling her heart's desire to listen and express through very practical help the hope to bring true comfort to many suffering survivors. Along with two other organizations, Inge reached out to survivors all over Israel before expanding to those hidden away in the former Soviet Union. During three trips to Belarus and one to Ukraine, they brought aid and the Lord's love to many whom the world had forgotten. ​ After many years of working in Israel, Inge saw the need for a home for Holocaust survivors. ​ A few committed German Christians came alongside Inge to support this vision that the holocaust survivors could live out their days in an atmosphere of love and security. The organization was founded by her and others in Israel dedicated to the same goal: that Ner Yaakov would be a candle of hope and comfort for these last living witnesses of the holocaust. Inge 2 ​

  • Home For Survivors | Neryaakov

    Michael Shnitkovsky Michael Shnitkovsky is a holocaust survivor from Ukraine and has lived in the Ner Yaakov home. You can read about his story in our newsletter on the website here "My name is Alexander Kaplan. I was born in 1928 and have survived the ghetto in Minsk. On February 10th, 2004, I immigrated to Israel from St. Petersburg. I was very weak and sick at that time. Since my arrival, I have been living in the Ner Yaakov home and I like it very much. I receive a lot of help and attention. Because of this good care, I was able to go to the doctors and hospitals. Now I feel a lot better and I am so thankful to the volunteers. They go shopping for me and get everything I need from the shops or the pharmacy, clean my room and sometimes even cook for me. In the house, there is good unity and we help each other in our lives." - Alexander (Passed Away) Alexander Kaplan Raja and Sachar Rotkin Our names are Raja and Sachar Rotkin. Through an invitation from Inge Buhs, we immigrated on 11 July 2001 from St. Petersburg to Israel. Ner Yaakov welcomed us like family into their very hospitable house. They take good care of us and do everything to make it comfortable for us. Since our arrival, we have needed a lot of medical treatments. Selflessly the volunteers have taken us to doctor's appointments. I had several operations and so did my husband Sachar. All of them were complicated! If we had remained in St. Petersburg, we would not have survived. It is impossible to put into words what Ner Yaakov has done for us - and we are thankful from the depths of our hearts. We wish you good health and long life!" - Raja - Raja and Sachar Rotkin lived approximately 11 years in the home. Both passed away in 2012 after a long illness

  • Holiday and Rest & Recovery after Illness | Neryaakov

    Holiday and Rest Testimonies The Holocaust survivors are elderly people with failing health, scarred, both physically and mentally from deep wounds of the past. They need warmth, love, and much attention. As the head of the Israeli Holocaust Association, it is important for me to say, that the Ner Yaakov house is an important and necessary place, for the sake of Holocaust survivors-- especially for lonely people, whether they stay continuously at the home come for medical recovery, or are guests who come for a holiday.” “The activity of volunteers from Germany breaks the stigma of the past years about the German people!” Gita Kaufman - Chairman of the Association for Holocaust survivors ​ “We survivors of the Holocaust were very happy about the time we had at Ner Yaakov. We were delighted by the attention we received. It was a great surprise for us to be able to speak here in Yiddish. We are so thankful that we saw the historical places of Jerusalem. Through the volunteers, we learned to love the Holy City Jerusalem and now we say Next year again in Jerusalem! We bless you!” - Michael and Ida Lewin ​ Recovery after Illness Testimonies "At the beginning of this year the deputy chairman of the Holocaust Association, Dr. Sergei Soushon stayed in the Ner Yaakov home after having open heart surgery and other severe medical problems. After two months of staying at Ner Yaakov and receiving the dedicated treatment of the team his situation improved and he was able to go back home. Today, thank God, he is active in our organization again!” - Gita Kaufman - ​

  • Official Visitors And Dignitaries | Neryaakov

    Police visiting at Ner Yaakov Holocaust survivor blesses Police officer Officer and survivor became friends Police officer comforting survivor on Holocaust Remembrance Day Bar.-and Bat Mitzvah for Holocaust survivors At the Bar Mitzvah for Holocaust survivors – Police and Ner Yaakov project

  • Practical Help | Neryaakov

    Hospital and Doctor Appointments The volunteers accompany the survivors on doctor's visits and hospitals or for other necessary procedures and care for them during illness. ​ Simone brings a survivor to receive chemotherapy ​ Help with house cleaning Testimony of a survivor we used to help: "I have gone through a lot in my life. My family was killed in 1941, during the second world war. I am now eighty-sixed years old and some time ago I had an accident. I fell down and broke my hip and arm. I went through an operation in the hospital. Since then I am not able to walk properly any- more, which I am finding very difficult. Sometimes I cry, because I thank God, that He has not for- gotten me and that He is sending me such lovely and caring people to help. They make sure that I don't get lonely and care for me in many ways, they help me materially and emotionally. I am moved to tears as I think about it. I am so grateful to God for the people He has sent." Batja (passed away) ​ Help with shopping and other needs Sarah receiving a pedicure (Sarah passed away) Private Home Visitations The volunteers accompany survivors or go for them to the supermarket, farmers market, or any store where they may need to purchase supplies. ​ The volunteers help the survivors with anything they can. Ner Yaakov is visiting survivors around the city and land. Testimonies: “I heard for the first time about Ner Yaakov from my sister who lives in St. Peters- burg. She met Inge there. I am in need of help and have no children. Once a week a volunteer is coming to me, and that helps me in many ways. I talk to the volunteers a bit and I do not feel so alone. I know that every week somebody will come to me and that makes me happy. I even left my ‘Club for Elderly’ earlier, just to be in time to meet the volunteer.” “I am alone – but my family is now Ner Yaakov. This means a lot to me. If anything happens, I can always turn to Ner Yaakov. One cannot buy everything with money - we all need a warm word. It is really refreshing for me." Julia Salzstein Tatjana visiting and helping Bracha Zinman Financial Assistance Ner Ya'akov provides financial assistance to Holocaust survivors and their families. *For more insight into the practical work please read Newsletter Spring 2017

  • Volunteers | Neryaakov

    Volunteers “The question, whether it's worth helping Holocaust survivors for only 2,5 weeks, I can only answer: “Yes!” “Every single day was worth it, and every individual person I met! It seems to me, in retrospect, that God himself has put me in this place, not primarily to be a blessing to the survivors, but exactly the other way around. They were a blessing for me! This already took place at my first encounter, in which I received a hug, so loving and tightly, or I even got a kiss on my cheek, almost as if I belonged to the family. And that well noticed even though I am German! As a gift, I take small lessons with me, which I have learned from them ​ through their nature/character. For this, I would like to take Lila and Baruch as an example. Through this couple, I have been allowed to experience a true appreciation of food. People who have had to suffer such terrible hunger in their past (which I couldn't even begin to grasp) generously gave me their share of food, even though I wasn’t hungry anymore. And this is in a country where food is so expensive! These two, however, gave me the best they had. And to underline this feeling of appreciation once again, they even gave me a bag of food—biscuits, chocolate, bread—to take home! Such selflessness and deep joy in putting the ‘good of others above one's own’ impressed me so deeply, that it will accompany me throughout my life. I am deeply thankful for ‘these hearts’, that I was able to get to know at this time.“ - Lea Bokeloh - “Many times I had to think about the Holocaust and the survivors and carried an unquietness in me. I so much wanted to „do something“ for them and I applied to become a volunteer at Ner Yaakov. I met many Holocaust survivors and the team of Ner Yaakov trained me patiently in the work, which has many variations. The work is actually very practical, but what is the most important for Inge and the team of Ner Yaakov, is the personal relationship with the survivors the organization is caring for. I saw how everyone was cared for with love and patience. We went for walks together, played games, and had good conversations. It is beautiful that the holidays are celebrated together with the elderly survivors. I was blessed to be here during the Feast of Tabernacles. Together with the survivors, we built the „Succa“ and afterward sat in it and celebrated. Guests from different countries come to Ner Yaakov and they want to learn more about this work. The Holocaust survivors often share their personal life stories and experiences at this gathering. Every one of them has a very personal story and the listening guests - like myself - are deeply touched and very sad about the terrible atrocities these elderly people had to go through in their lives. Even strong men start to cry...! What really surprised me was, that none of the survivors I have met have rejected my work or me personally, - despite me being German! I must the beginning I did think, that this might happen. But I experienced the opposite. Everyone accepted me and hosted me so nicely in their homes. It is a miracle of God, that these people have no hate or bitterness. I believe, that through the work of Ner Yaakov and through the many prayers of the organization‘s friends, our Lord has already brought a lot of healing to them. I really have to say: God has truly blessed me very much through my volunteer time with the Holocaust victims. My inner unquietness has left me! - Gabi Bauer - "What really surprised me as a German volunteer with Holocaust victims is, that they do not see me as a daughter of the perpetrators,' but simply as a ‘normal young person.’ I am learning so much from them!” - Simone Speidel -

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